What is the SXSW Gaming?

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SXSW Gaming Expo brings the excitement of the video game industry to the mix of Music, Film, and Interactive during SXSW. Join us in Austin, TX for games, panels, networking, parties, and more! Check it out!

SXSW Gaming Expo is a FREE event! Check out new video games, demos, professional gaming tournaments, COSPLAY, exhibitor booths, game awards, and more!

What is the SXSW Cosplay Competition?

Cosplay is short for costume play. It’s like a fashion show, except the outfits worn are based on video game, anime, manga, TV Show, movie or book characters. On Sunday, each entrant gets to walk across the stage to show off their outfit in the competition and have a chance to win some amazing prizes!

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The Cosplay Judges





Half-Time Show

J-Fashion Show!!!

....Details coming soon...

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SXSW Cosplay


Hours of SXSW Gaming Expo

Friday, March 13 | TBA
Saturday, March 14 | TBA
Sunday, March 15 | TBA

Cosplay Competition and J-Fashion Show

Register: March 13-15 | TBA
Pre-judging: March 15 | TBA
Line-up: March 15 | TBA
Showtime: March 15 | TBA

How can I Enter?

- Register at the DugFinn Cosplay booth in the Palmer Events Center at SXSW Gaming
- Fill out the Registration Form
- Show up for Pre-judging on Sunday

Cosplay Competition Awards!

- Judge's Awards
- Youth Awards
- Best Video Game
- Best Anime
- Best Comic Book
- Best Performance
- Best Original
- Best Group
- Best Craftsmanship
- Best in Show

Cosplay Competition Rules

1. Must enter as a Walk-On (Judged and eligible to receive prizes) or as Non-Competitive (NOT judged and is not eligible for prizes).
2. All Entries must maintain a PG rating.
3. All Stunts (such as fighting, jumping, etc) must be performed at 3/4th speed - AKA: SLOW motion.
4. If something goes ON stage with you, make sure it goes OFF stage with you.
5. Group entrees are limited to 7 people.
6. At least 70% of your outfit must be made or altered to compete for a prize. Everything else, including store bought outfits, may enter under the Non-Competitive division.
7. Reference materials, such as in-progress photos, are highly encouraged and should be presented during Pre-Judging.
8. Time limit is 30 seconds per entry.
9. Audio is provided. Do not bring pre-recorded audio.
10. No live steel. Nothing loaded, period. Replicas are fine, so long as they follow Fed regulations, ie: orange tips

J-Fashion Show Rules

1. Sign-up at the Cosplay Booth
2. All entrants are allowed up to 1 minute on stage
3. Keep it PG-13! No nudity, foul language, inappropriate themes, etc. If you have doubts or questions, contact us directly to make sure.
6. If it goes on stage with you, it must come off stage with you.
7. Any jumping, tumbling, or stunts need to be cleared with us before your performance.
8. Group entries are limited to 10 people unless otherwise cleared with us first.
9. No live steel. Nothing loaded, period. Replicas are fine, so long as they follow Fed regulations, ie: orange tips.